Call for Papers

The abstract submission process is now closed.
"The Organizing Committee wishes to thank the participation of the 120 paper presenters, from eleven countries of America and Europe."

Dear colleagues,

All participants to the 11th American Regional Congress on Labour and Social Security Law can submit abstracts related to the topics of interest for the Congress.

Abstracts and papers shall be sent to
Abstracts shall be submitted in Spanish, English or Portuguese and must not exceed 500 words.

Authors can submit more than one abstract.

Please respect the following abstract format:

Title: Max. 50 words;

Abstract body text: Min. ~ 100 words max. 500 words

It is authors’ responsibility to ensure that all issues pertaining to copyright are addressed prior to submission.

Authors are not allowed to modify their abstract information after the submission deadline, 15th May, 2019.

Abstract acceptance will be notified by 30th May, 2019 via submitter’s email. The submitter will be informed of all future notification of abstracts by e-mail.

If the author of an accepted abstract does not pay for his or her registration in full by 15th August, 2019, the abstract will be automatically withdrawn.

If the abstract is accepted, the full document of the presentation of no more than 30,000 characters, including spaces, footnotes, bibliography and appendix, has to be presented in one of the parallel sessions in the afternoon of 5th or 6th September 2019.

The full document of your presentation shall be sent to before August 19, 2019.

Prof. Jorge Jerónimo Sappia